“Aided by the physicality of drummer Mark Straub’s impressively technical abilities and Scott Wildeman’s melodic bass grooves, Naish channels that creative impulse into Scratch Buffalo. The group’s upcoming self-titled debut release offers 11 cuts of prairie surfin’ garage punk that hops around between thrashy riffs, power pop vibes and rock ‘n’ roll psychedelia.” – Beatroute – Full Article

“The title reflects the get-in, leave-a-bruise, get-the-hell-out mentality of the music — three songs clocking in at about seven minutes, with no lingering, just the bash and pop and bang and wail of those who’ve done their homework of the sounds of the ’60s.” – The YYSCene Full Review

“The Scratch Buffalo attitude to making the grinding, fuzzy, scuzzy, retro ’70s street rock they do is so gloriously refreshing.” – The Calgary Herald – Full Article

“[Scratch Buffalo] will have your head nodding along with their bashing guitar, smashing cymbals, dashing solos, and Naish’s impassioned vocal stylings.” – Beatroute – Full Article

“Wanna Know the Secret consists of six tracks that will have you singing along in no time, not to mention dancing around your room.” – Canadian Beats Full Review

“Scratch Buffalo’s Wanna Know the Secret is a fun rock album to listen to. The drums, guitars, and vocals play with such high energy that you can’t help but tap your feet and bob your head to the beat from time to time.” – 24Our Music – Full Review

“Each song is under 3 minutes, which I think works very well. The songs don’t feel cut short, they in fact, have really good sharp endings after amazing instrumentals. I really liked every song on this album, especially ‘Get Sick’.” – Contagious, Courageous – Full Review