“Calgary garage-rock veterans Scratch Buffalo soldier on as duo with Strawberry Soda”
The Calgary Herald, February 2020 | FULL ARTICLE

“Calgary retro garage rock duo Scratch Buffalo jam it out loud and delicious on new album Strawberry soda” The YYSCENE, February 2020 | FULL ARTICLE
“Rock and Roll duo live out their dreams on Strawberry Soda” Beatroute, February 2020 | FULL ARTICLE

They played an excellent, energetic set of raw, primal garage rock and punk. Vocalist/guitarist Chris Naish and drummer Mark Straub sounded like a two piece MC5 mixed with the White Stripes.” Lethbridge Alberta BEAT | FULL ARTICLE

“Calgary retro-rock act Scratch Buffalo pack a perfectly imperfect punch with their brief but big full-length debut” The YYSCENE, June 2018 | FULL ARTICLE

“Scratch Buffalo finds light in the darkness with debut full-length album” The Calgary Herald, May 2018 | FULL ARTICLE

“Poltergrease hits the beach!” Beatroute, May 2018 | FULL ARTICLE

“Calgary garage rockers Scratch Buffalo need only seven minutes to take you to heaven” The YYSCENE, June 2017 | FULL ARTICLE

“Calgary band Scratch Buffalo know the secret to disrespecting rock the right way” The Calgary Herald, April 2016 | FULL ARTICLE



“For me, listening to music digitally means strapping on my headphones and getting lost in the pure joy of the moment. And that’s exactly what I found on these 8 tracks…” Punkanormal Activity | FULL REVIEW
“With Strawberry Soda, Calgary rock duo Scratch Buffalo delivers frenetic, fuzz-soaked guitar rock that reeks of cigarettes and spilled beer.” The Permanent Rain Press | FULL REVIEW

“Hailing from Calgary Alberta, the dynamic duo that is Scratch Buffalo is a rock n roll force to be reckoned with.”
The Bucket List | FULL REVIEW

““[Shoot Me With Your Kamera is an] unimpeachably cool garage-glam firecracker… You don’t need me to tell you it’s a stone-cold killer: Just click on that sucker and hear for yourself.” The Tinnitist | FULL REVIEW
“A red-hot-blooded mix of filthy Stooges commotion, MC5‘s electrical vehemence and The Black Crows bluesy turbulence. Yes! Loud, frenzied and boisterous! Mettlesome stuff to go bonkers to!” Turn Up the Volume | FULL REVIEW


“Scratch Buffalo have delivered a strong debut with their self-titled album. Through the course of its eleven songs, listeners will hear a wide range of influences, from 50’s roots rock to new wave punk and beyond. Scratch Buffalo is a wildly entertaining record that will leave fans exciting for what else Scratch Buffalo have in store.” Canadian Beats | FULL REVIEW

“Doing everything that is essential in garage rock, the eleven track album, recorded in a couple of days, mainly live, finds the raucous rock’n’roll is delightfully tempered by some some unexpected melodic and multi-textured tracks”
Emerging Indie Bands | FULL REVIEW

“Kill The Sky is a song that Iggy & The Stooges would be proud of with its garage rock, riff driven rocker style whereas Girls In The Back Row reminds me of early Rolling Stones with a raw DIY bluesy approach…had the office head banging in unison!” Punk Online UK


“The first thing I noticed about the music was that it cut its teeth on staples such as The Rolling Stones. The city of Calgary, their home, is quite a distance from England, yet they are able to replicate the sound to a T.” The Bucket List | FULL REVIEW
“…three songs with equally groovy guitar riffs and dance-worthy beats that pay tribute to both classic rock and modern indie rock music. However, this is most evident in the opening song, “Back To Me”, which mixes the upbeat sounds of “Satisfaction” from The Rolling Stones with hints of Canadian rockers, Sloan.” Canadian Beats | FULL REVIEW


“Wanna Know the Secret consists of six tracks that will have you singing along in no time, not to mention dancing around your room. I can’t get enough of “Why D’Ya Leave” and “Get Sick”, they are the two tracks that I find on repeat and am not ashamed to say I can sing along to the lyrics, although it doesn’t sound quite as good as when the band belts it out.” Canadian Beats | FULL REVIEW

“Each song is under 3 minutes, which I think works very well. The songs don’t feel cut short, they in fact, have really good sharp endings after amazing instrumentals. I really liked every song on this album, especially ‘Get Sick’.”
Contagious Courageous


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