Scratch Buffalo

“The Scratch Buffalo attitude to making the grinding, fuzzy, scuzzy, retro ’70s street rock they do is so gloriously refreshing.” – The Calgary Herald – Full ArticleScratchBuffalo-WKTS-WebCover
“Kill The Sky is a song that Iggy & The Stooges would be proud of with its garage rock, riff driven rocker style whereas Girls In The Back Row reminds me of early Rolling Stones with a raw DIY bluesy approach…had the office head banging in unison!” – Punk Online UK – Full Review

Seven Minutes in Heaven


Each song is under 3 minutes, which I think works very well. The songs don’t feel cut short, they in fact, have really good sharp endings after amazing instrumentals. I really liked every song on this album, especially ‘Get Sick’.” – Contagious, Courageous – Full Review

Wanna Know the Secret?


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Photos courtesy Johanna Hung Photography