“The Scratch Buffalo attitude to making the grinding, fuzzy, scuzzy, retro ’70s street rock they do is so gloriously refreshing.”– The Calgary Herald

“[Scratch Buffalo] will have your head nodding along with their bashing guitar, smashing cymbals, dashing solos, and Naish’s impassioned vocal stylings.” – Beatroute

“[Scratch Buffalo] will have you singing along in no time, not to mention dancing around your room.”– Canadian Beats

After years as a solo performer, Chris Naish decided to create a band that could combine his autobiographic, psychedelic lyrics with a wild, garage rock sound. He decided to call the band “Scratch Buffalo,” based on a stuffed buffalo and his pool-playing ability.

“When I was a kid, I had a giant stuffed buffalo guarding my room to protect me from nightmares. I want the band to be like that – something bigger than us, that can handle anything,” says Chris “And I’m not just bad at pool. I’m ridiculously, flamboyantly bad. I have so much fun, even though I scratch 90% of the time. I want the band to be that kind of fun. Just a noisy, wild, racket.”

To make it happen, Chris put out an open call for musicians in June of 2014. Mark Straub joined on drums, and Scratch Buffalo played their first show the next month. Mark and Chris clicked so well and the idea of a “loose-collective” was thrown out the window. Chris and Mark set out to find a bass player, while still playing live every chance they could as a two-piece or with fill-in players. In 2015, their trio was complete when Scott Wildeman joined the band.

In 2016, they released their first EP. The self-recorded “Wanna Know the Secret?” was featured in the Calgary Herald and Beatroute, and extensively played on college radio.

This past year saw the release of their limited-edition cassette, “Seven Minutes in Heaven.” The tape was an entirely DIY project – the band recorded it, designed and printed the artwork, and even duplicated the tapes themselves.

Scratch Buffalo continue to gig steadily and are currently working on their full-length debut.

Photos courtesy Johanna Hung Photography