Scratch Buffalo is an Alberta-based rock ‘n’ roll trio made up of singer/guitarist Chris Naish, drummer Mark Straub, and bassist Scott Wildeman.

Before Scratch Buffalo, Chris released several solo albums resulting in media spotlights in television, radio, and print. His song “Sleep When You’re Dead” can be heard on television shows on HGTV, MTV, TRAVEL, the CW, CMT, as well as international stations.

Chris Scratch Buffalo formed in 2014. They released their debut EP (“Wanna Know the Secret”) in 2016 and a second EP (“Seven Minutes in Heaven”) in 2017. Both albums received local press and strong online reviews.

In January 2018, Scratch Buffalo wrote and recorded an unheard-of 50 new songs in under 24 hours. The band live-streamed the entire event and posted the songs in real-time on BandCamp. The sales from the 50 songs raised over $4,000 for Cancer Treatment.

Firm DIY’er’s, Mark Straub has recorded and mixed every Scratch Buffalo release. Chris Naish creates all their artwork, and their cassette releases are even self-duplicated!

Scratch Buffalo recorded their debut full-length album in 2018, with The Thermals’ Hutch Harris producing. The album premiered on in May 2018, featured in local and online press, and is receiving airplay on campus radio across Canada.

Scratch Buffalo have been consistently gigging since their formation, sharing bills with the Dudes, Daniel Wesley, and lots of local talent. They are currently touring to support their debut album.

Photos courtesy Johanna Hung Photography