“…unimpeachably cool garage-glam firecracker… You don’t need me to tell you it’s a stone-cold killer: Just click on that sucker and hear for yourself.”
Darryl Sterdan, The Tinnitist

“Fuzzy and scuzzy with a fine layer of dirt on the surface, this song drives the end of summer home like you’re the cool kid in school wearing a leather jacket and ripped jeans. Add this one to your back-to-school playlist!”

“Chris Nash’s vocals… [are] where Scratch Buffalo get their character from; drastically separating them from their garage rock peers.”
Canadian Beats

Produced by The Thermals’ Hutch Harris
Premiered on!
Top #30 on 10 campus stations

“The songs are short, fast, catchy, loud and usually contain one or more killer guitar riffs. …the band seems so well-schooled in genres of music that hit their zenith decades ago, whether it be old-school punk, surf guitar, furious garage rock, trashy glam-rock or sleazy blues-metal.” – CALGARY HERALD

First vinyl release!
#4 on National Campus Loud Charts
#1 on CJSW Loud Chart

“Naish sings with a snotty swagger, plays like a Jack White stand-in — cool, nasty and tight enough to make loud, sloppy and shambolic a viable option — while Straub’s bombastic slaps and smacks add the perfect backbeat and backbone for the dynamic duo.” – THE YYSCENE


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